Over the past decade resolvIT has worked closely with its clients, providing pragmatic solutions to their most challenging problems. On countless occasions we have seen change initiatives stalled or significantly over-running as readiness in ‘the Grey Areas’ has not been factored in, or, has simply been mismanaged.

The resulting cost implications not only puts the programme at risk but our client’s credibility too.

We provide small but highly experienced teams to work with you and your partners to ensure the difficult but essential pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are in place.

Examples of ‘Grey Areas’

  • What size and how many test environments make sense?
  • Who is responsible for installing the base software stacks?
  • What is our release strategy at the outset and what can change within the enterprise to support this?
  • How do we implement new technology with our legacy estate?
  • How do we move from our current storage solution to cloud?
  • What are the business and service implications of the technical proposals?

Although our Core Services underpin key areas of the diagram, we also have a real passion for what we call ‘the Grey Areas’.

On many occasions we are asked to recover programmes in difficulty – to expedite the delivery to meet varying client objectives. We use our framework to target trouble spots and change the way the programme runs through innovation and drive.

In the agile age these concerns seem to be more pronounced with entrepreneurial leaders getting frustrated with their service provider processes, be they in-house, off-shore or near-shore.

At resolvIT we have the experience to cut through these complexities, resulting in an enterprise that is much more nimble and aligned across their change agenda – effectively acting as a central interface between the varying parties with the ability to drive approaches to support all change initiatives.

When you consider the contract implications of your varying suppliers, the environment provisioning, storage, security, business readiness, stakeholder alignment, release management and know-how to bring these together across legacy and today’s emerging technology, it is clear to see why our clients come to us first.

In simple terms, we do many of the ‘dirty’ jobs our competition don’t really want to do or simply cannot deliver.

resolvIT key differentiators…

  • Highly experienced delivery resource that have worked in the ‘Grey Areas’ throughout their careers.
  • Deep legacy know-how form our foundations – from infrastructure through software – teams that have the knowledge to go technical to determine what can and cannot be achieved.
  • Credibility in the industry to manage your largest partners and suppliers