Technical Recovery Management

Complex technical issues are increasingly a source of major delays to IT programmes and can even lead to prolonged production service issues. ResolvIT have significant experience in quickly resolving complex technical issues – and then leaving the client with recommendations to stop these issues reoccurring. 

Our approach is based on working closely with all the involved parties to identify the symptoms of the problem. Resolvit then use a structured analysis method to determine the cause(s) of the technical issue.

Technical issues are typically caused by either; a component failure (hardware or software), a lack of cross discipline knowledge within a project team or a project delivery not operating as expected. Where the cause of the issue is due to a component failure resolvIT will work round the clock with the clients staff and vendors until the issue is resolved. If the technical issue is project related resolvIT will deliver a project plan to recover this project delivery.

Once the Technical recovery has been completed resolvIT will deliver to the client a recommendation to prevent further reoccurrences of this type of failure. ResolvIT understand how easy it is for IT organisations to become lost in the fog of complex technology issues – and lose sight of the benefits they are trying to deliver.

We believe most things in IT are not complex – they are just not understood. We will quickly clear a path through this fog of complexity and provide a clear route to a technical recovery thereby enabling the client to achieve their goals.