At resolvIT we pride ourselves on delivering complex IT transformation, IT infrastructure and business value across a wide spectrum of disciplines. These range from recovery management, both project and technical, through to delivery of large, complex, transformational change. We have particular expertise in implementing IT integration and divestment in the financial services sector and, over the past decade, have played leading roles in some of the industry’s largest and most significant programmes.

As well as the vast experience and expertise within the team, resolvIT has access to a wide network of proven IT partners. These can be brought together to deliver a premium service for our clients. Working at all levels in an organisation, from consultancy to the C-suite to deploying technical solutions, our aim is to cut through the complexity and deliver robust solutions – fast.

We have been making a real difference to our clients and their business outcomes for nearly a decade and are extremely proud to be able to work with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

Our team is skilled in:

  • helping clients select and shape projects / programmes and portfolios;
  • building pragmatic and workable solutions to meet business objectives;
  • Underpinning agile agendas with an approach to help drive outcomes in-line with client expectations;
  • providing specific core services such as payments, infrastructure and testing; and
  • bringing technical capability and problem solving to address areas where other partners face difficulty

Our aim is to provide our clients with tailored delivery services, supporting the success of their change agenda – from legacy right through to your agile journey. We are well known for recovering programmes in difficulty but we now bring our thinking and approach to underpin our clients most critical initiatives from the outset.

“Whilst the majority of consultancies and service providers focus their efforts more and more on disruptive technologies, we believe that the real challenge lies in the integration and release of the delivery within an enterprise.

In all of our clients we see that, over the years, process and technology have layered on-top of each other on the ‘route to live’ journey. Although this has been for the right reasons at the time we are in a unique position to help streamline these with a fresh perspective whilst bringing our delivery experience to bear.

The team we deploy will most likely already know your organisation well, allowing us to hit the ground running and focus of trouble areas that we are already aware of. We believe that one of our key differentiators is that our primary focus is trend agnostic. Speed of delivery is key.

Although the software may change in the disruptive age, the challenge of the integration, testing and release remains – we ensure that we provide our clients with the right anchors to support their pace of change, while using our vast experience to provide agility through the delivery.”

resolvIT will assist you with…

  • alignment of individual project objectives and measures with those of the organisation
  • delivery and change leadership with hands on capability who will stay with you for the entire journey
  • A different mindset and thinking to support your agile agenda and the know how to help put the wind in your sails
  • Vendor and software selection – from disruptive technology to storage solutions and the implications of such
  • cost reduction and efficiency across the IT landscape
  • specialist domains such as payments, infrastructure optimisation and testing