Process Design

Our process design team have deep experience at quickly assessing, designing and delivering processes that optimise current state and drive value realisation across the business and IT landscapes. In particular, they have the ability to understand the business goals and the IT capabilities across legacy and disruptive technologies to ensure the most effective route is taken. This is a team that has sat in both the business and IT organisations and are adept at effectively operating in the middle ground and driving the change or service management agendas.

Process Architecture

  • Define process architecture and inventory across business domain or enterprise
  • Identify high value processes and end-to-end scenarios
  • Define heat-maps and identify opportunities whilst considering application hot-spots
  • Prioritise processes to be taken forward and agree value measures with stakeholders

Business Readiness / Value Realisation

  • Full stakeholder coverage and clear identification of the value realisation
  • Articulation of new process covering technology aspects and on-going running and change considerations through BAU and Service Management

KPI and SLA Measures

  • Value impact from the To-Be processes documented
  • SLA and KPI targets tested – both business and technology considerations validated

Process Design and Optimisation

  • Define Level 1, 2 and 3 process flows based on our knowledge and working groups
  • Capture and document key process business descriptions
  • Bring together business and technical aspects early to identify delivery possibilities and value realisation considerations

End-to-end Scenarios

  • Risk and compliance control points and owners
  • QA scenarios
  • Level 4 process definition where appropriate
  • Wider business implications factored in

Modelling / Simulation

  • Process modelling tools used to define the processes
  • Comparison ‘benchmarking’ against processes used historically across varying organisations
  • Simulation of the process and early value recognition and business stakeholder buy-in

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