Our infrastructure team has deep experience and a track record of optimising data centres and service management activities across Europe, APAC and the United States. The team are adept at global deliveries as well as central UK initiatives. Our work in these areas has achieved 75% reductions in footprint and 80% reductions in power consumption. We are proud to have been awarded industry recognised awards for our services.

Data Centre Optimisation

  • Assessment against the data centre strategy
  • Server consolidation, virtualisation and technology refresh
  • Centralisation and consolidation of data centre services
  • Introduction of business processes to make more efficient use of the IT infrastructure

Service Management

  • Cultural and behavioural analysis to ensure ownership and accountability across the estate, ensuring service availability is everyone’s priority
  • Roadmap and transformation plans and an ability to deliver against the tightest of milestones
  • Delivery of change, incident and problem management solutions to drive service availability upwards
  • Toolset selection and implementation coupled with the right process design
  • Management of 3rd Parties and alignment of Service KPI’s
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Storage Solutions

  • In-depth audit of existing storage environments to identify areas for transformation and efficiency improvements
  • Design and delivery of target storage environments focusing on tiering, response times, data efficiency and data centre
    space and power savings
  • Engagement with business areas to build data migration schedules with minimal impact to client
  • Migration of NAS, SAN and CAS data using proven and repeatable scripts and techniques

Server automation and efficiency

  • Streamlining of business service provisioning, enabling IT to build out business services in an automated, repeatable and reliable manner.
  • Improving server and storage utilisation.
  • Evaluating rules and thresholds for servers and server groups within the data centre.
  • Accelerating software deployment – for BAU channels through to enterprise wide desktop rollouts.
  • Domain and stakeholder management, planning and communication across IT and business domains.

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