Programme Recovery Management

The late delivery of Programmes is a major cost to organisations both in terms of money and reputational damage. At resolvIT we specialise in turning around poorly performing programmes to realise benefits as quickly as possible.

Our platform agnostic approach is based on working closely with the existing project team to identify the critical path and uncover what is blocking delivery.

This is achieved through detailed interviews with key individuals and structured workshops with the whole team. By removing unnecessary tasks and focusing exclusively on critical success factors the perception that the project is doomed to failure is quickly dispelled.

The creation of a plan with key milestone deliverables that are agreed by all stakeholders is the next stage. Identifying and delivering quick wins is a vital element as it wins the confidence of the project team and demonstrates to the project sponsors that real measurable progress has been made. Fostering a culture whereby milestones must be met ensures there is the necessary urgency that is required to transform a programme that is going nowhere into one that delivers.

The resolvIT approach is to take accountability and to lead by example in everything we do. We are driven to help our clients recover their underperforming programmes and have an excellent track record in doing so.

Please click here the link to view our case study on Batch Optimisation.