Datacentre Optimisation

Datacentre floor space and power consumption are major constraints for large companies, particularly as their business expands.  At resolvIT we have extensive experience in optimising datacentres to minimise their cost to our clients. 

One of the largest investments the board of a large company is presented with today is the delivery and running of its data centre environments. Large data centres typically cost hundreds of million pounds to build and tens of millions to maintain across property and IT. With the focus on security and disaster recovery, programmes to increase capacity and capability can take several years to deliver meaning it is key to deliver solutions which extend the life of existing assets and position the business for future migrations. In addition, data centres are high energy consumers and, in a world increasingly aware of the impact of global warming legislation now being introduced to protect the environment, optimisation is an important way to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Through working with large organisations in Europe and the USA we have helped clients achieve optimisation through;

  • a combination of increased server consolidation, virtualisation and technology refresh achieving a 75% reduction in footprint and 80% reduction in power.
  • centralisation and consolidation of Data Centre Services.
  • introduction of business processes to make more efficient use of the IT infrastructure.

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