Because sometimes even the fastest boats need Anchors…

Putting the wind in your Agile sail… with Agility under the waves

At resolvIT we understand the drivers of change – customer, business and technical. The software pioneers and leaders of today are driving agile change with disruptive technology – these entrepreneurs are the modern day game changers.

Our team also knows only too well the difficulty these agendas face within an enterprise and across sectors. We see and help alleviate the constant push and pull between what goes on above the waves with what happens below.

At times, it is greater alignment between parties that is required but more often than not it is having the expertise, swimming just below the surface, who can provide agility and common sense while ensuring rigour of delivery and the pace of change that is required.

Our team has deep experience and a proven track record in:

  • Expediting delivery with a framework and approach that underpins the agile age;
  • building pragmatic and workable solutions to meet business and customer objectives;
  • providing specific core service expertise such as payments, process, infrastructure, testing and leadership – with design and system thinking to make us a true enabler;
  • bringing technical capability and problem solving to address areas where other partners face difficulty; and
  • having the credibility in the industry to manage your largest
    partners and providers

When you consider the cost of your change agenda, the service provisioning contracts and the risk to service you have to mitigate when moving at real pace then it is no wonder clients invest in our small but critical service.